Our vision

We are building an innovative portfolio of first-in-class treatments that target multiple mechanisms which drive the most aggressive forms of cancer. In doing so, we aim to have a major impact on the lives of patients with the greatest unmet need and transform the way that cancer is treated.

Our focus

Our programs are advanced through understanding the mechanisms that cause cancer and resistance allied with cutting-edge technologies to identify therapeutics and those patients who would most benefit from them. Through linking a network of Pharma partners, clinicians, scientists, leading research institutes and hospitals, Carrick translates its portfolio of ground-breaking cancer therapies from laboratory to clinic.

Novel molecules targeting unmet needs

We explore new science and molecules to rapidly deliver first-in-class and best-in-class opportunities for new medicines.

We are exploring new possibilities

We're exploring novel molecules and pathways to treat some of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

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Our innovative programs

Our two lead programs - a CDK7 Inhibitor, and a CDK12/13 inhibitor/Cyclin-K degrader- affect multiple pathways implicated in breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic and other types of cancer.

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Building a solid foundation for novel cancer therapies

Carrick Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing novel therapies for aggressive and resistant forms of cancer.

The company was founded in Ireland. The name Carrick means ‘rock’ in Irish which emphasizes our strong foundation of like-minded scientists, collaborators and investors, and the vision to build a durable world-class company. Carrick Therapeutics has an ambitious patient focused vision to serve cancer patients around the world by the introduction of ground-breaking cancer therapies that will transform the way cancer is treated.

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