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Current oncology therapies, particularly in late-stage disease, are often limited in their effectiveness, and as such, there is a large un-met need in this patient population. At Carrick Therapeutics, our science focuses on developing novel therapies using agents targeting key oncogenic pathways. We believe our programs will fill the gaps in current therapeutic options for patients.

Our novel molecules explore new possibilities for cancer treatments

With in-licensing as a cornerstone to our strategy, we have the freedom to follow the best science maximising the ability to develop successful therapies for cancer.

Focused on novel therapeutic agents

We are focused on developing innovative agents which have the potential to be both first- and best-in-class.

Targeting unmet needs

Our strategy, is to address gaps in existing therapies for cancer. Our science focuses on developing candidates to complement, existing therapies primarily for advanced and aggressive cancers.

Novel molecules, many opportunities

Our clinical-stage programs are intended to complement existing oncology therapies and will be used in combination to extend the use of current drugs and/or target the acquired resistance to these agents. In addition, Carrick's programs, each have potential applications across multiple types of cancer thereby generating a portfolio of indications for each asset.

CDK7: a prime target for multiple oncogenic pathways

Cyclin-dependent kinase 7 (CDK7):

  • The master regulator of the cell cycle
  • Controls the expression of oncogenic and anti-apoptotic genes
  • Drives resistance to anti-hormone therapy in hormone dependent cancers

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CDK12/13: a regulator of genomic stability and DNA repair

Cyclin-dependent kinase 12/13 (CDK12/13):

  • Regulates the transcription of genes involved in DNA repair homologous repair (BRACA, RAD51, POLQ)
  • Implicated in multiple cancer types including breast, ovarian and Ewing's Sarcoma

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