Carrick Therapeutics has a clear vision for cancer patients: to target the molecular pathways that drive the most aggressive and resistant forms of cancer in order to have a major impact on patient lives. Whilst other companies bank on a single compound or biological mechanism, Carrick Therapeutics is building an innovative portfolio of first-in-class treatments that are advanced through understanding the mechanisms that cause cancer and resistance, allied with cutting-edge technologies to identify therapeutics and those who would most benefit from them.

Across all cancers, the survival rate at 12 months after diagnosis is around 70%. For certain aggressive cancers however, such as stomach, lung and pancreas, and for those who have failed first line therapy, the survival rate drops to below 50%1. By linking a network of clinicians and scientists in internationally leading research institutes and hospitals, Carrick Therapeutics will use its multi-asset portfolio to drive the development of these ground-breaking cancer therapies from laboratory to clinic. Together with our academic and biotech partners, we are looking to detect predictive biomarkers in each of our projects to enable us to identify those who would benefit most from our therapies. These targeted treatments will bring a higher quality of life to cancer patients around the world.

Carrick Therapeutics are working on 2 innovative core programs and are looking to expand our portfolio through academic and pharma partnership.

1 Source: Cancer Research UK

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